New Authors

As yo may or may not have noticed, my posts are very unupdated. Recently, I have a lot of hwk, projects, and tests to study.

…and i don’t have time to post stuff!!!

So.. that means i need back up!

For now, Chidori456, Yorap8/9, and Xlr8 64 replied to me that they can help me on my site while im busy for the following week until March Break.

Unfortunatly, I do not know wat is difference between administartor, contributor, editor, and author.

Please tell me, so I can put my freinds in the correct role.

If anyone else would like to be an author, let me know by posting a comment.




14 Responses

  1. can i be a outhor i am yorap 8,s friend chidori,s friend and xlr8 64s friend but i dont have ultimate chat but im a member

  2. and im friends with scrennog and surferboy 51 and lux1200

  3. and im best friends with yodom 5 and im friends with qqaazz1

  4. yes i know u, i ll see, cause i dunt just trust ppl like that, i think i should have revised wat i said in the post…

    cause i dunt want to get tricked and stuff, i ll see


  5. and what do i have to do even if i do become a author and i wont trick u plz

  6. Joji: Well, for now, no. This is because my site is still new, and there isnt many hits yet. Plus, I goota be carefull. Many dangers on the internet.

    Say… do you have a blog? Cause it would be easier if you had a blog.

    do i become famous?!?!?!

  7. wait a minute. how do u no ME

  8. ughhh i know u cause iv’e seen you post comments on other people’s blogs. I think i saw u once on xlr64’s or yorap8’s blogs…. i dunno for sure, but realy, i have seen u before.


  9. refrase that, seen u post, my bad

  10. yeah i post comments on xlr8 64 suferboy51 and chidoris,s blog cuz there my friend in cp and all the other people in flame crew r my friend like qqaazz1 and barky dog and yodom5

  11. i mean chidori,s

  12. Yo, I just discovered your site so this comment is late but if you still need the role differences are here: administartor: has access to everything except others profile contributor: has access to the following: able to post (must be aproved by author, admin, or editor. maybe aprove comments and maybe edit posts. editor: Can aprove comments (maybe) edit posts and post can’t access widgets. and author: has access to everything except important blog settings like blog name and widgets.
    PS: please visit my site at (link removed)

  13. and i would like to be an author. (adminastrator to be exact) because i amaze the the widgets, moderator comments, can do banners headers and any other pics, and has been blogging for 8 months!! (about) i have wp account and post as much as possible. i find stuff no one else knows on cp about and rock at making pages. to add me put in my email on user page: (email removed because of security)
    i can also make wufoo forms. thanks

  14. thank you for removing my email and sorry for the link

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