CP Map Track Back

Every wonder how cp’s map looked like before? well heres a picture of Club Penguin’s first fully completed map:


here is the one with the soccer pitch!


woooooow!!! everything looked so small that time!!!

well thats all for now!

President of jojihcpcheats,



7 Responses

  1. weridly, this is not working well, i’ll update it soon

  2. wow nice post

    your budd


  3. ohhhh k now its fixed.

  4. oh, thanks xlr8!

  5. Joji: ya, but I said this was the first FULLY COMPLETED (with all the stuff in it) map. oh, and thanks for visiting my site, lol 😛

    lol is weird
    you should try looking at the VERY FIRST OLDEST cp map
    there’s no stage in it either 🙂

  6. the one now is ugly. the very first one didnt have the forest nor cove, and that was the map when i joined. Then, the next day, they had the forest and cove.

  7. slippy1028…I joined at same time…but first map didnt have forest cove beach snow forts or plaza 🙂 good times

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